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WATCH: 'The Hateful Eight' Gang—Well, Seven of Them—On Making Tarantino's Gutsy, Claustrophobic Western

Cast members Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell, and Samuel L. Jackson enjoy regaling a Hollywood crowd with their stories of shooting the filmmaker's latest, in theaters Christmas Day.


I had the pleasure of moderating a recent Screen Actors Guild panel with seven of Quentin Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, where the 70 mm was glorious indeed on that giant screen. (Demian Bichir was coming into town the following day from Mexico.) The cast, who clearly enjoy each other's company, bonded deeply on the wintry location in Telluride, Colorado, where their director forbade anything on set with an on or off switch, said Jackson. They learned to adapt to Bob Richardson's ultra-wide Panavision lens, used for the first time since 1966's "Khartoum," which kept many of them in the shot in that very crowded Minnie's Haberdashery. 

During lengthy rehearsals, Russell and Tarantino newcomer Leigh had to figure out how to cope with being chained to one another for much of the shoot, describing themselves as an old married couple. They built trust, as Russell had to beat the shit out of his partner. It's notable how much the gang support and promote Leigh, who does pop out of the cast as bad-ass Daisy Domergue, standing up to her punishment like a man. There's some debate as to who plays the smartest and baddest of the Hateful Eight: is it Jackson or Leigh? 

If you watch the video, there are spoilers, so I've reorganized the Q & A transcript and marked the spoilers at the bottom. Read on!